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How to get started

Simply call or email me to schedule your appointment. During the first session, a thorough assessment of your overall fitness and health will be performed. We will establish a complete and well balanced fitness program that best fits your needs and  expectations.

Remember that fitness doesn't just happen, there is no magic pill or magic diet to make you healthy and in good shape. It takes time, and discipline, but I will make this process fun and exciting, so you will look forward to your next session with me.

 I will bring all the necessary equipment. If you already have some equipment that you particularly enjoy using, we can certainly include it in our sessions. Water is an important element in fitness and rehabilitation, so if you have a pool,  and wish to use it to work out, let me know. I have years of experience in both aquatic exercise and relaxation/rehabilitation techniques that are specifically designed for water.

All you need to do now is schedule your first session! 

phone: 650-799-2916  e-mail:



                                                                                                           Photos by David Teichmann